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Opened in 2010, the Maritime Annex houses memorabilia of sailing in Stone Harbor. Examples of the Comet and Cheetah Cat, racing boats known worldwide, built in Stone Harbor are on display. The Annex is dedicted to Edme and Irene Deschamps, owners of the boatyard where these boats were built.


Unique gifts are available in the Museum Gift Shop. Books about Stone Harbor, its attractions and history, written by members of the museum are featured. Other gifts for sale include collectible historic beach badges, Stone Harbor placemats, and Stone Harbor coloring books.


Featured in the gift shop is the new book by Captain Don Cramer  "Summer Place". This book is a must for holiday giving for anyone who has ever spent time at the Jersey shore. For information about mail orders, please email us or call Linda @ 609 368 7500

The Stone Harbor Museum supports military families and is a member of Blue Star Museums.